10 ways to stop overthinking!


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1 Awareness – a huge game changer

You need to learn to be aware of what is happening to you and when it coughs you. After discovering the key moments that make you feel stressed, anxious or that you doubt yourself than it is the time to address the issue of overthinking and cope with it. We need to cut out overthinking because it`s a really nasty habit to have. Try to step back from the situation and look at it from the “outside”, this is the key moment of awareness, address the problem and see how you are responding.

2 Think of what can go right and forget the rest

Trigger of overthinking is FEAR. Instead of focusing on the negative outcome of what might happen, start to say S T O P, if it helps say it out loud to yourself. Try to think about all the positive things and what can go right, focus on it and write those things down to look at them from an outside.

3 Happiness means the little things

A good way to distract yourself from negative overthinking is by little things and by these I mean some solid, healthy alternatives such as meditation, workout, drawing, listening to energetic music, do the one that will be able to distance you from the thoughts that attack your mind with negativity. Personally, I think that a huge key to this is also a healthy plant-based diet, the more veggies and fruits the more vital, healthy and clear you get!

4 Perspective is the key

Whenever an irritating/negative thought will come to your mind try to ask yourself “will this matter in 5 years? Or will this matter in 3 months? This can help you shut down the issues.

5 Perfection – not only it does not exist but also it is overrated

In the time of social media, perfect Instagram accounts, people always tripping to Bali, or buying expensive stuff, it is easy to get lost in the impression that their life if “perfect”. But it is fully wrong thinking, it is unrealistic. Simply, it does not exist, be you, do you and stay happy within!! Life`s a far greater journey than Instagram celebs.  Be smart here!

6 Do not fear failure and do not look for it

This one is definitely one for me. I constantly fear failure of the thing that I have to re-do because I failed in it in the past. Which I shouldn`t be afraid and I shouldn’t overthink, why? Because it does not mean that the outcome will again be the same. It is a new opportunity with a totally new beginning, maybe it looks the same like the last time but the outcome can be different. Try again always. We are on this planet to fail, to learn, to get up and to fail again, until be build a solid shield. Stop past from hunting you down.

7 Set a time to reset your mind

If you feel overwhelmed then it is time to reset yourself. Set up a timer on your phone if you need to and take a moment to write down the things that make you feel anxious, that worry you, that stresses you. Look at it, read it and rip the paper off. Now do sth fun and think of a good things, because we just got rid of the negativity! Let`s celebrate!

8 Thinking about future is nice but living the moment is nicer

We tend to focus so much on the future, that we forget to live in the moment, as all we have is now. Do not worry about the mortgage that you don’t have to take yet, don’t worry about having a baby that you don’t have to have, don’t worry because you are robbing yourself of your time right now.  Instead of thinking about future, do the things that make you improve right now and enjoy the moment.

9 Accept your best-self and embrace it

You are good enough. Smart enough, dedicated enough, funny enough and pretty enough. Remember that it is important to talk a self-love talk to yourself and immerse it. At any occasion, maybe in the morning before work, tell yourself in the mirror that you are enough!!

10 Always be grateful

Make a list of what you are grateful for every evening or more make another list of what you are proud of from that very day. For example, I cooked dinner for my boyfriend and it was good or I translated an agreement at work and I felt good about it. Always be grateful, for the little things like the fact that you have food, roof and water and for the big one, like loving family and supportive spouse/ friends/ boyfriend/girlfriend.


Remember that overthinking is something that can happen to anyone. But if you have a great system for dealing with it (as this list) you can fight off some negative, anxious, stressful thinking and turn it into something useful, productive, and effective!! It all starts with you !!



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