How to survive on Monday morning?



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As the weekend has ended we all have to go back to our weekly routine of working and survive till the next weekend, but to make it better and more bearable we have to start Monday within ourselves! And the best way to do it, is to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier to do 3 basic things on Monday morning that will make you feel better :



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This is the time that you give yourself to regenerate, whether it is to read a book for 20 minutes, or cuddle with your partner/spouse/child for extra 15 minutes or do something even more productive and study a language for 30 minutes. This time is just for you!!



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I believe a good workout in the morning can boost your energy and confidence, also it will fill you with endorphins (and we all know that those are the hormones of happiness)!! Regardless if it`s run in the park, home workout with YouTube, yoga or going for a swimming pool (if it is close to you), anything you will do (even for 20-30 minutes) will make you feel better about Monday!



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Last but not the least! Breakfast is the most important food of all, and it can make you so happy!! How about on Monday we do pancakes or waffles? It is way more cooler than a typical toast and eggs or salad dish. Why not make something a little bit extra and make Monday be more bearable? Because I think that food (among the above) is the key to happiness !!

The very last that I wanted to tell you (and it`s a secret that actually works) is to have your mantra, your daily mantra for work and a separate one for life.

Why? Because fake it till you make it!! Whether you feel like you are not sure of how much you like your life or Monday or getting up from bed, this will make you feel like you actually like it, until you really will, which will happen within days of saying mantra in the morning!! I have mine and it is fabulous, it is reminding​ me everyday how lucky & grateful I am for my family, friends and work!! This always keep me going (especially on Monday`s mornings)!!

PS. I know that not everyone has time in the morning for this, because it means to get up an hour earlier than normally, but I think it is worth to try and see if we are feeling better! Also, remember to go earlier to bed, this will help a lot!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!!


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