Veggie salad on the go!


Hello guys!! Or rather good evening!!

After gym I got really hungry at home and I was thinking what to eat that can be healthy and still yummy so I decided to make a salad with vegetables!!



1 broccoli (bigger one)
4 eggs
1 package of salad
2 big tomatoes
A bit of olive oil
+ some extras like oregano, marjoram etc.

Firtly I boiled water (in two pots) added pinch of salt and put to one pot broccoli and to the other eggs (we need them to be boiled) in the meantime I throw salad (washed) to the big bowl and cut tomatoes to pieces. After the broccoli and eggs were done I waited a second for them to chill and throw them into the bowl, mix everything and add some salt, marjoram. At the end I poured some olive oil on top!

Done, quick, healthy and easy!!
Plus I can take it to work tomorrow as my lunch !!


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