Peanut butter cake (4 ingredients)


Hello guys!!

Finally Wednesday knocked to our doors!!! I guess all of us (polish citizens) have been waiting for this as it means that we have a longer weekend again (due to national holiday tomorrow) I was thinking what`s the best way to celebrate this free time with your family, friends or alone? Well, definitely with a cake!!

So, to be honest I did this cake yesterday (as it has to stay in the fridge all night) and it turned out deliciously. It was my private non-baking experiment and it worked!! My boyfriend said that it looks more like a giant flat cookie than a cake, but still, it did steal his heart!




PS. This cake is really really flat, but don`t worry it is still super delicious, and remember it is more of a giaant flat cookie than a big cake ;)!!


Merry Wednesday guys!! Hope you will have a fabolous week(end)!!


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